Hottest jewelry trends – a comprehensive checklist only for you

August 29, 2019

Hottest jewelry trends – a comprehensive checklist only for you

With the rise in temperature, minimalistic designs are in trend, for comfort’s sake! While thinking about our daily outfits, we love to wear pieces of jewelry that are easy and hassle-free to wear, yet bears a unique touch. That’s how you bring your individuality into prominence. Whether your daily outfit is a midi skirt fused with a blouse or a tee-shirt with shorts, with warmer weather you have to choose single-layered outfits. The hottest jewelry trends of 2019 are all about statement jewelry.

  • Necklace sets: Well, nothing portrays love in a better way than the bar double named engraved necklace. These bar necklaces are an effortlessly cool accessory that is going to make a clear statement with all of your outfits, be it corporate or informal. The best part is, being a part of the hottest jewelry trends; these cool necklaces can be worn all season long. You can look for long layered chains.
  • Sun, stars, and sparkles: The sun, stars, and moon motifs are predominant on the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even the rings this season. When it is about following the hottest jewelry trends, the statement earrings will add some pizzazz to the outfit for a special occasion.
  • Colored stones: Luxurious and lively, the rainbow jewelry pieces are everywhere this season. Bringing on the non-neutral shade, these pieces will not end up clashing with other colors that you decide to wear. The best part is you are not going to find colored stoned jewelry that is customized in a better way.
  • Floral power: Speaking of the hottest jewelry trends of 2019, the eye-catching earrings can fuse two trends in one. First off, is the beauty of flower designs and the second is the utility of resin. Choose these statement-making accessories to your place of work or a dinner party. Rest assured that you are going to turn a lot of heads.
  • Anklets: Also known as the ankle bracelets, these are never going out of fashion, be it summer or winter. The anklets that we used to know and love, has matured enough to be worn with multiple types of apparels. It’s true that the string versions are no longer in style, but you can opt for the crystal-detailing chains or the gemstone-embossed options.

Well, these are the best five hottest jewelry trends of 2019 that you need to check out. One thing that you need to ensure is choosing only those jewelry articles that allow you to embrace your creative side while getting dressed. The choice of jewelry should not be a cause of worry, and it should never feel like you overdid yourself.

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