Top 5 Fashion Tips of 2019

August 29, 2019

Top 5 Fashion Tips of 2019

Always on the lookout for the latest fashion ideas that you can use for the rest of 2019? Looking for something that can spice up your outfits for the upcoming events nearing the Christmas season? We’ve got you covered - check out below fashion tips for this year:

  1. Stay Classy. Wrap dresses and skirts are back on track so start looking for those classy shirts and shoes that compliment it. Dresses that are below the knee will always be classy to the eyes and it is best paired with an elegant 2-inch heel or just simple plain-colored flats. For skirts, pair it with a button-down polo or a satin sleeveless top! To cap off a classy look, wear simple pearl earrings and a golden necklace or bracelet - nothing says classic more than a gold piece of jewelry! We recommend this bracelet and necklace for your look:

a. Crown Name Necklace at Spire Jewelry - Php 1,550

2. Go for Neutral and Bright! The trend for this year is bright pastel and neutral colors which add energy and positive vibes to people who wear such colored clothes. The neutral colors are a comfort to the eyes and are more flexible - you can wear such colors casually or even formal events. Nude and peach colors are in trend for all women, so look for your best neutrally-colored bag to pair with your bright clothes. If you’re more fond of wearing dark-colored clothes, then don’t worry as clothes are not the only thing that needs to bright and vibrant - you can use your makeup or accessories to brighten up your overall look.

3. Choose Plain and Minimal. When it comes to choosing clothes, bags or accessories - always choose something plain and minimal - they’re easy to the eyes and easier to spice up with. Plain colors are more versatile and easier to pair with when it comes to bottoms or shirts. Minimal styles also look more trendy this year - easier to pair with accessories and something that does not grab too much attention in the crowd!

4. Express Yourself. The best fashion tip every year is always to have fashion as an expression of oneself. Choose clothes and footwear that feels comfortable and easy to walk around - something that represents a part of you and what you like. Let’s say you’re a fan of the Rastafari culture - then wear Rastafari colors! You can even wear statement shirts if you feel like they represent yourself. If you like simple and plain looks, why not wear a personalized necklace? Nothing says more of yourself than a personalized necklace that you can wear casually. We recommend this accessory to highlight your self-expression:

a. Proudly Filipina Name Bracelet at Spire Jewelry - Php 1,400

5. Add Some Glam and Fab. If you’re already contented and comfortable with the look you have but feel like something is lacking, then add something that’s glamorous and fabulous - it can be a shiny clutch bag or eye-catching jewelry or just a simple scarf. Nothing says more fabulous than something that’s shiny and unique! Check out this unique necklace that’s will spice up your look:

a. Personalized Bar Necklace at Spire Jewelry - Php 1,550
Available in Silver and Gold

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