Handling and Maintenance of your Jewelry

Spire Jewelry manufactures your jewelry from the best materials, but although our name jewelry is leading in the field of quality (thick and high quality), there are a number of recommended actions to preserve your personal jewelry so that you can enjoy it over many years:

  1. It is not recommended to go with the jewelry to the sea, pool or Jacuzzi - salt water and/or chlorine may damage the coating of the jewel.
  2. Keep the jewelry away from chemicals. Daily cleaning materials can also damage the shine of your jewelry.
  3. It is recommended to clean the jewelry from time to time with a soft cloth.
  4. In general, jewelry is a relatively delicate product that can break therefore try to remove the jewelry before going to sleep and be careful not to get caught up in clothing.
We are confident that your personal jewel will serve you for many years

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